domingo, 17 de setembro de 2017


Dictated by the spirit André Luiz

A benefactor is one who helps and goes on his way.
A friend is one who aids in silence.
A companion is one who cooperates without making us feel uneasy.
A reformer is one who restores himself to the ways of goodness.
A strong person is one who knows how to wait within the task of peaceful work.
An enlightened person is one who knows himself.
Brave person is —one who fears nothing in himself.
A defender is one who cooperates without causing confusion.
An efficient person is one who acts for the benefit of all.
A winner is one who conquers himself.🔵

("CHRISTIAN AGENDA. Dictated by the spirit André Luiz to Fransisco Cândido Xavier Published by: ALLAN KARDEC PUBLISHING LTD - 71 The Grove, Ealing Broadway - LONDON – W51 5 LL - Great Britain. Original Portuguese Copyright held by the: FEDERAÇÃO ESPÍRITA BRASILEIRA Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 1at Publication 1948English translation copyrights held by1st Edition - ©Copyright 1970, by Christian Spirit Center, USA. 2nd Edition (Revised) - ©Copyright 1988, by Christian Spirit Center, USA. 3rd Edition (Complete Revision) - ©Copyright 1998, by ALLAN KARDEC PUBLISHING LTD, UK ISBN 1 898675 01 5All rights reserved Printed by: Clifford Frost Limited Lyon Road, Windsor Avenue, Wimbledon, London – SW19 2 SE, Great Britain.).

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2 comentários:

  1. Hi, Francisco, congratulations!

    One more time, beautiful reflexion...
    Continue this amazing work, great website, I hope so...!, Wake up, get up, stand up! Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try...

    André Luiz

    1. Hello, André!
      Thank you for your manifestation and for the message wich brings us a lot of cheer.